Calligraphic nibs

Material: Steel
Dimensions: Length 2.5 cm




Calligraphy nibs compatible with all Bortoletti pens, suitable for fine point calligraphy in various calligraphic styles.

Several variations of vintage calligraphy nibs were patented, suitable for various styles of calligraphy.

The special feature of the fine-point nib is the flexibility given by the shape and slit.

This allows with the variation of pressure on the paper in the downstroke to achieve the particular light-dark characteristic visible in English cursive.

In the late 1800s, nib factories multiplied so much that they reached a processing rate of 10 tons of steel per week.

The major English nib companies were Mitchell, Perry, Mason, and Gillot, while the major Italian brands born after 1920 were Presbitero, Ruspi, Locati, and Legnani.

The shape of calligraphy nibs derives from the way quill pens were anciently worked. Two fundamental cuts still characterize its structure today.

Calligraphic nibs

A vertical one to allow for ink reserve and a horizontal one that determines the shape of the tip.

The squaring of the calligraphic nib is of paramount importance because it is what gives very different characteristics to the writing strokes.

Truncated-tip calligraphy nibs are used for many types of writing particularly Gothic calligraphy.

Flexible-tip calligraphy nibs are used especially for English writing and depending on the pressure you apply to the nib the wider the stroke.

When first used, the calligraphy nib needs to be heated with a flame to remove the protective varnish.

One of the special features of the calligraphy nib is its flexibility; thanks to its shape and slit, it allows for varying pressure on the page.

In the descending, downward strokes, the nib widens, thus producing the chiaroscuro effect typical of handwriting.

Writing by hand and doing elegant calligraphy, such as with a calligraphy nib, means putting the focus on the rules of beauty and harmony.

It no longer represents only text and words, but ranges with elegant calligraphy as a true expression of art.

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