About Us

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica Venezia, was founded in 1980 by four brothers driven by the passion passed on by their father for bronze casting and sculpture.

Our Story

It was born in Venice, and it was here that a story of love and passion began that has been handed down from father to son in respect for tradition and the need to preserve what is wonderful about culture.

The maturation of many years of experience led to a qualitative leap that invested the entire production process, at the same time the collaboration with two great artists began: Elio Martella and Agostino Venturini.

From the pencils of the two masters and their artistic creativity came the designs for new products and were the lifeblood for the entire creative process. The design of the products is so pleasing to the eye because it speaks of the past in the language of the present.

From hand to hand from heart to heart, each creation is a unique piece, the result of the continuous tireless and devoted work of the hands of at least ten artisans.

Bortoletti Brothers

Four brothers driven by passion


The choice of precious and unalterable materials such as bronze, Murano glass and wood is absolutely essential so that each use becomes an indelible mark on the fickle soul of time.

This is the mission, to tame fire in order to make it an instrument of art, a generative energy shaping inanimate matter from its raw state to vital form.

Today the company has entered the big market without failing in its principles and traditions by continuing to create handmade objects in the style of Venetian craftsmanship.

Bortoletti's creations are an opportunity for the public to appreciate the relevance of materials that have fascinated people for millennia, ideal gifts but at the same time classy objects for the refined taste of the collector or desirable attraction for the cultural tourist.