Desk accessories

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Collection of handmade desk accessories made in Italy. Pen holder and signature dryer made of beech wood with decorated white bronze appliqués, the result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ continuous research in the field of design. The combination of materials such as bronze and wood gives the object a classic and modern feel.

The fine white bronze workmanship of these desk accessories make them an irreplaceable useful item for use in the home or office. An important collection of uniquely designed pen rests and signature dryers, a pen rest in moments of pause. Precious wood and white bronze lost-wax cast jewelry for your desk or as an original gift intimately connected to the place from which it comes and its craft traditions.

Withe bronze cannot be called a precious metal, it is a respectable material that has also always been used in art. And an alloy composed of 80 parts copper and 20 parts zinc, it provides high breaking strength and is not subject to oxidation. Bronze lends itself to the finest artistic workmanship; during the finishing process it is patinated and chiseled by hand.

Pen holder made of wood, a material used by man because of its special processing characteristics. Since ancient times, man has used Wood as a raw material in cabinetmaking, carpentry. All of our wooden products are made from designs by master jewelers first made on paper, and are small masterpieces of Design.