Desk set

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Bortoletti line of desk objects. Classy Italian craftsmanship in this line of letter opener and magnifying glass. Tasteful and high quality made in italy desk accessories suitable for the desk. Exclusive letter opener and magnifying glass magnifier with Murano glass beads, fine wood and handcrafted Venetian murrina. Desk set for an important gift idea, useful items that here become a tasteful and valuable piece of furniture.

Desk accessories with an old-fashioned design, the care of the forms speak for themselves. Made of white bronze with application of Murano glass beads, the result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ continuous research in the field of design. The juxtaposition of materials such as glass paste, Venetian murrina and Murano glass gives the objects a classic and modern touch.

The desk set with a precious and Venetian glass paste set in bronze with a unique design. White bronze letter opener and lens set with precious Venetian Murrina. Desk set with handmade flowered beads for an important gift idea in Murano glass with hand-chiseled white bronze trim. A wooden desk accessory, a set consisting of a letter opener and lens made of natural wood and finely hand-chiseled bronze. Desk set with handmade silver leaf-encrusted beads made of Murano glass with white bronze trim chiseled by hand by skilled artisans. Casanova set in white bronze, the central pearl in Murano glass with handcrafted 24-karat gold leaf.