Seals wax

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Collection of themed bronzesealing wax seals, this is the Signum line. Antique-style seals produced with unalterable and precious materials such as wood, bronze and Murano glass. All initials and symbols are interchangeable. It is the symbol you choose to represent you. It’s your Signature, it’s your initials, or those of two people united in the same seal. All sealing wax seals can be customized with all initials and symbols, suitable for sealing invitations and important letters for any occasion. It is possible to customize all the seals because the initial is unscrewed from the seal by changing it with all the symbols and initials in gothic, block letters, italics and in the combination of the two initials that you choose to represent you. They arise from the projects of our master jewelers and are a pearl of design, made entirely by hand by our craftsmen. Each sealing wax seal will allow you to make perfect sealing wax imprints without altering the color of the wax, finally you can give a touch of class to the seal using the gold or silver cream to highlight your initials.