Seal stamp Roman initial

Materials: White bronze
Seal Size: Diameter 22 mm



Seal stamp Roman initial for wax seal, white bronze capitalized initial adaptable all Bortoletti seals.

The Roman capital is the mother of all calligraphy, a seal letter with a capital white bronze initial, interchangeable on all Bortoletti seals.

The Roman Initial Monogram is font of the Roman capital letter the capital script of Roman antiquity.

The geometric shapes of the Roman capitala are based on classical Greek canons. Beautiful examples can still be seen today in many of Rome’s monuments.

The Roman capital was used for inscriptions in epigraphs, carved by chisel into memorial stones and monuments.

The term epigraphy in writing is the science of anything written on a material that can stand the test of time.

A major initial from the shapes modeled on the geometric figures of the square, triangle and circle.

The seal block letter is ideal for sealing personalized greeting cards or gift packages with your own initial.

Here is a list of things to do with sealing and waxing.

Seal stamp Roman initial

Close the envelope with a personal letter or a simple greeting card.

To make wedding invitations with seal and sealing wax

Tie a gift package with twine, pour wax on the knot and add a seal with the chosen initials.

Closing envelopes with important personal documents, with sealing wax the envelope will remain intact; to open it you will have to break the wax seal.

An alcohol stove with a strainer is used to dissolve the sealing wax; the result will be a perfect sealing wax seal.

While bronze cannot be called a precious metal like gold, for example, it is a respectable material that has also always been used in art. An alloy composed of copper and zinc, similar in luster to silver but providing higher breaking strength than it.

The initials are not prone to oxidation and come off easily from the wax monogram.


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Roman initial

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