Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Reproductions of calligraphy inkwells arise from the collaboration between artisans and master jewelers, creating products of great style and elegance. An important collection of glass and bronze inkwells chiseled with calligraphic ink Hamburg. Bronze cap decorations lend elegance and character to the product, an important desk accessory ideal for practicing the art of writing with pen and inkwell. The name inkwell comes from the Greek word calamos.

Bronze Calamai is an important collection of decorative elements for office desks or the home, where classic and modern find a meeting point. Finely crafted white bronze creations of great style and like all Bortoletti products, are unique handmade pieces. A glass and bronze inkwell to add a touch of class to the desk, authentic Venetian works of art, ideal for those who still crave quality and tradition.

The Bortoletti Hamburg inks contained in the inkwells are a collaboration between the two historic Italian companies drawing from traditional formulations and the contribution of esteemed calligraphers.

The use of fine materials, and the very high degree of finishing alone are not enough to make a handcrafted product a work of art. A quality creative process starts with Design, it is from the careful selection of symbols that are the result of collective memory, and their encounter with the present, that historical and modern design come together to create objects rich in history and personality. Although bronze cannot be called a precious metal, it is a respectable material that has also always been used in art.