Calligraphy Set

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Collection of important calligraphy sets consisting of calligraphy pen, inkwell, pen holder and signature dryer. Imagine your thoughts taking shape and discover the art of handwriting. With pen and inkwell you can devote yourself to the practice of beautiful writing, a pleasure that has belonged to man for millennia. This line of calligraphy sets consists of wood and murano glass pens, finely crafted inkwells, pen holders and signature dryers. Accompanied by flexible-tip calligraphy nibs, especially suitable for English writing, with light pressure exerted on the nib the more it expands and leaves a perfect stroke. Like all Bortoletti creations, they are unique handmade pieces.

Calligraphy sets that become desk d├ęcor items, hand-chiseled glass and white bronze inkwells accompanied by wood and Murano glass calligraphy pen.

Important pen holder and signature dryer complete the sets, made of beech wood with decorated white bronze applications, the result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ continuous research in the field of design.

Small masterpieces of design, these hand-crafted glass and white bronze inkwells, on the front a distinctive little balcony on which you can rest your pen in moments of pause between thoughts

An important, elaborately designed inkwell with white bronze frieze frieze and cap completes the various sets. The inkwell doubles as a pen rest, with a Murano glass paste that blends with the elegance of the Murano glass pen.