Monograms and Symbols

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

All bronze monograms and symbols are interchangeable on all Bortoletti seal handles; you can change the seal matrix by simply unscrewing it. You can choose from hundreds of combinations of seal matrices: double initial, single English cursive initial, Gothic initial, Roman initial, and all symbol matrices. The bronze seal initial for Roman capital wax was the mother of all calligraphy, a seal letter with a single capital initial in white bronze, interchangeable on all Bortoletti seals

All monograms and symbols are uniquely elegant suitable for closing your letters, sealing a gift package or a simple greeting card. Like all Bortoletti creations, they are unique handmade pieces. Interchangeable bronze monograms and symbols on all Bortoletti seals, for sealing your letters, sealing a gift package or a simple greeting card.

Monogram cursive initial for wax seal, a classic initial with the charm of the historical period when wax was commonly used. Letter seal of English Italic, the elaboration of English calligraphy that arose out of commercial necessity in England in the 1800s. Seal stamp Gothicl with capital initial in Old Gothic style interchangeable on all Bortoletti seals. Gothic writing spread widely in Germany with very angular and geometric strokes that still characterize it today.

The Roman Initial Monogram is font of the Roman capital letter the capital script of Roman antiquity. Symbols carry within them a magical meaning; it has enabled communication among people in ancient times. Monogram symbol, the most important symbols in the Bortoletti collection.