Wax seal stamp Rialto

Materials: White Bronze / Wood
Wax: 13 cm
Seal Plates: English Italic Style
Seal size: 22mm diameter
Handle size: 9.5 cm
Quantity of seals achievable with two bars : About 30
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 9
Packaging: Gift box
Certified made in Italy


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Wax seal stamp Rialto with wooden seal, two wax bars, and alcohol stove to melt wax.

Wax seal stamp Rialto is a perfect outfit for using wax without blackening it thanks to the stove and the purity of the alcohol.

For proper operation of the alcohol stove, it is recommended to use 90% pure alcohol for a stable and odorless flame.

It will allow you to make perfect wax seals without altering the color of the wax even when using white wax.

More than 35 wax seals can be made with the two wax sticks.

The characteristics of a handmade product involve not only the workmanship but also the choice of materials used, which must be of the highest quality.

All details, details, and finishes result in great refinement and are the result of research and balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation

In the Rialto seal, it is possible to choose the initials that best suit the client’s style.

English cursive initial, Gothic, block letters, and double initials with all possible combinations.

Wax seal stamp Rialto

Another way to melt wax is with a strainer by heating it directly over the flame of the alcohol stove. If you have doubts you can see the video tutorial on the channel.

A good sealing wax for letters should drip quickly even directly over the flame without burning, remain liquid to have time to imprint the seal.

Once imprinted in seal on the wax, one must wait twenty seconds before peeling it off so that the wax cools.

As a final touch, he can give a gold or silver effect by swiping a finger over the wax impression with gold or silver cream.

Today, sealing wax is mainly used to decorate gift packages, wine bottles and to seal wedding invitations.

Even a simple sealed greeting card or gift wrap will be impressive.

Another way to make wax impressions is to melt it with a spoon and pour it onto a silicone backing, imprint the seal, and apply behind a bi


Additional information

Weight 630 g
Dimensions 24,5 × 12 × 9 cm


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