Extra-fine sealing wax

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Materials: sealing wax
Dimensions: Length 13 cm/ 5.11 in
Weight: 30 gr.

Direct use on flame with in alcohol stove or lighter
Amount of seals that can be made with one bar: About 18



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Extra-fine sealing wax is a mixture of natural waxes and colored pigments; it is mainly used to close wedding invitations and important documents.

The mother recipe is always improved with the experience gained from many years of production.

Plant resins and natural pigments are used, and first mineral fillers and then colored pigments are ground together with the wax.

Everything is blended with heat and a mixer for an hour, then the wax is poured, again with heat, into the molds to give the shape of a stick.

When dripping it gives off a pleasant fragrance, the stick measures 13 centimeters and is available 40 shades of different colors.

Sealing wax lends itself for very well for sealing wedding invitations with the bride and groom’s initials, original graduation invitations and gift packages.

To melt the sealing wax, you can use the strainer or heat it directly over the flame of the alcohol stove.

Extra-fine sealing wax

A good sealing wax for letters should drip quickly even directly over the flame without burning, remain liquid to have time to imprint the seal.

Once imprinted in seal on the wax, one must wait twenty seconds before peeling it off so that the wax cools.

As a final touch, he can give a gold or silver effect by swiping a finger over the impression with gold or silver cream.

Today, sealing wax is mainly used to decorate gift packages, wine bottles and to seal wedding invitations.

Even a simple sealed greeting card or gift wrap will be impressive.

Another way to make impressions is to melt it with a spoon and pour it onto a silicone backing, imprint the seal and apply double-sided tape behind it.

Eighteen to twenty impressions can be made with one stick, depending on the diameter of the seal, high quality extra-fine scented 13 long.

Additional information

Wax color

1-White, 2-Black, 3-Brown, 4-Blue, 5-Viola, 6-Red Venice, 7-Malva, 8-Burgundy red, 9- Sienna Red, 10-Light red, 11-Yellow, 12-Yellow ochre, 13-Metallic blue, 14- Metallic green, 15-Metallic red, 16- Purple metallic, 17-Green forest, 18-Olive green, 19-Sage green, 20-Green Oil, 21-Gold, 22- Silver, 23-Bronze, 24-Copper, 25-Cream, 26-Beige, 27-Cappuccino, 28-Powder pink, 29-Pink, 30- Antique pink, 31-Pink pastel, 32-Pastel lilac, 33-Pastel blue, 34-Pistachio green, 35-Mint green, 36-Peach pastel, 37-Blue, 38-Lilac, 39-Turquoise, 40-Aquamarine

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