Calligraphy pen Renier

Materials: Murano Glass / White Bronze
Pen Size: Length 20 cm
Nibs: 3

Ink: Calligraphic, 15ml
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 3.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy



Murano glass calligraphy pen Renier comes with bronze pen holder and three perfectly preserved period nibs.

The bottle contains excellent quality Hamburg calligraphy ink, suitable for all calligraphy needs.

Of great value and refinement, the murano glass calligraphy pen worked with silver leaf is handmade in the Bortoletti workshop.

As a piece of furniture or for writing important words, this unique glass calligraphy set will filter the light of ancient Venice onto your desk.

An original bronze pen rest completes this calligraphy set, a support on which to rest your pen in moments of pause.

The idea of bringing this pen holder to life was born during studio meetings with master Elio Martella, a Venetian artist who has loved collaborating with Bortoletti for years.

Indeed, the Murano glass pen must strike a perfect aesthetic and functional balance between nib holder and glass body.

The Renier calligraphy pen is perfect to practice and get to know calligraphy tools well. The following are the main calligraphic terms.

Calligraphy pen Renier

Writing is the action of writing and fixing thought in visual form through the use of graphic signs. Calligraphy is the art of forming characters in a script.

Characters are signs executed with their own rules that, according to the given letterforms, take different names.

The alphabet is the set of letters of a given language arranged in a conventional way.

The writing body is the distance of the two parallel horizontal lines that determines the height of the middle letters.

Simple rods are those straight rods that have the perfect full and are divided into ascending and descending rods.

The calligraphic degree is the unit of measurement chosen to proportion the letters of a writing and corresponds to the greatest coarseness of a rod drawn with a nib.








Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 24,5 × 12 × 3,5 cm
Pen color

Black, Blue, Red, Amber, Aquamare


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