Open letters Casanova

Materials: Murano Glass / White Bronze
Flake: cotton
Letter Opener Dimensions: Length 21 cm
Package size 25.5 x 8 x 3
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy



Open letters Casanova made of white bronze with a central Murano glass bead encrusted with handcrafted 24-karat gold leaf.

Love of detail and refinement from lampworked gold leaf for a unique desk accessory.

An accessory with Murano glass beads embellished with gold leaf encased in glass, the casting is white bronze finished and chiseled by hand.

The Casanova letter opener is one-of-a-kind, the result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ ongoing research into design.

White bronze letter opener with Venetian beads together with tasteful simplicity.

The simplicity of pearl colors, the decorated and hand-chiseled letter opener blade with ornamental bow for a classy desk.

Bronze letter opener is an idea for an important gift of simple style, the result of the handed-down tradition and experience of Bortoletti’s master craftsmen.

A typical artisanal product, intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions.

Open letters Casanova

The result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ continuous research into the historical design of Venice.

Classy Italian craftsmanship in this letter opener, a tasteful and fine desk accessory.

Casanova letter opener, an important gift idea, a useful object that here becomes a tasteful and valuable piece of furniture.

Bortoletti’s desk accessories have a unique, old-fashioned design, the care of the shapes speak for themselves.

A piece of furniture for those who love Venetian style and elegance, a desk letter opener suitable for a classy crowd.

Secular symbols and customs of Venice meet modern taste and find expression in this white bronze letter opener with pearl.

Bortoletti’s creations reflect the taste and customs of distant eras, but the design of the products is entirely original and unique.


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 25,5 × 8 × 3 cm


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