Inkwell and ink Vivaldi

Materials: Glass / Murano Vitreous Paste / White Bronze
Pack size 8 x 8 x 9.5
Packaging: Individually packaged
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy



Bronze Vivaldi ink inkwell with a glass paste cameo decorating the cap, inkwell capacity 50ml.

Inkwell and ink Vivaldi is an important glass and bronze inkwell with a pen rest during writing breaks

When artisans and master jewelers collaborate, products of great style and value are born.

The design of this inkwell is so pleasing to the eye because it speaks of the past in the language of the present.

Ideal product for those who still crave quality and Venetian tradition. Vivaldi inkwell, for your desk and for calligraphy lovers.

Black Cagliostro calligraphic ink, reminiscent of Alchemy and Magic, so intense that it brings to life the magical, mysterious and alchemical atmosphere of Cagliostro.

Care in the selection of raw materials, attention during all stages of production, have resulted in high quality ink.

The glass bottle with the screw cap has a very good seal, and the mouth is wide enough for easy dipping of the pen.

Bortoletti-Hamburg inks are high-quality calligraphy inks; the coloration remains very intense even when the ink has dried.

All details, details, and finishes result in great refinement and are the result of research and balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

Inkwell and ink Vivaldi

The project was designed with an elegant interplay of geometric balances in Atelier A 70 in Venice.

The inkwell, calligraphy nib, and nib holder straw, which are the indispensable tools for handwriting.

Calligraphy is the art of forming letters with beauty and grace and is a passion shared by people all over the world.

The first step is to learn the rules to be applied consistently and to become familiar with the tools of calligraphy.

Before we can start forming our letters, we need to learn more about the art, going back in time to the late 7th century.

The quill tip, used for more than a thousand years, was cut in different ways for different writing styles.

Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 9 × 8,5 cm


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