Calligraphic ink

Materials: Glass
Ink: Calligraphic Ink, 15ml



Bortoletti Hamburg 15 ml calligraphic ink in 5-pack, assorted colors.

Care in the selection of raw materials, attention during all stages of production, have resulted in high quality ink.

The glass bottle with the screw cap has an excellent seal. Hamburg inks are high-quality calligraphy inks.

The coloring remains very intense even when the ink has dried, available in four different colors.

Each ink color has a name dedicated to famous people in history.

Calligraphic ink

Cagliostro Black calligraphic ink, reminiscent of Alchemy and Magic, so intense that it brings to life the magical, mysterious and alchemical atmosphere of Cagliostro.

Deep sepia brown for this ink dedicated to the restless soul of the great Caravaggio and his works with dark tones enhanced by points of light.

An essential shade, with a touch of gray that lends a delicate elegance to the Blue ink dedicated to Michelangelo.

Casanova Red the color of love and sensuality dedicated to Giacomo Casanova. An ink to relive the atmosphere the great seducer created



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Ink color

Black, Blue, Sepia, Red


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