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Calligraphy pens and the collection of writing instruments consisting of calligraphy pens in wood and Murano glass, as all creations are unique pieces handmade by Bortoletti art masters. Imagine your thoughts taking shape and discover the art of handwriting. Calligraphy is the art that guides us to trace the various types of writing in a regular and elegant way. For good handwriting preparation, it is essential to choose the right tools; this will make any activity enjoyable.

With pen and inkwell you can engage in the practice of beautiful calligraphy, a pleasure that has belonged to man for millennia. Collection of murano glass calligraphy pens with perfectly balanced white bronze nib holders and original period nibs. Each calligraphy set is intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions. The collection of calligraphy pens was made in the Bortoletti workshop in Venice, suitable for all those who love to write beautiful calligraphy by hand with style and elegance.

An ideal calligraphy pen for dabbling in various truncated-point and fine-point writing, perfectly balanced for English calligraphy thanks in part to the different calligraphy nibs. A calligraphic pen that combines with the transparency of Murano glass in an elegant cardboard gift box with gold branded logo.

Perfect pens for an original gift. Calligraphy set with authentic vintage nibs and high quality Hamburg calligraphy ink, suitable for handwriting fine point calligraphy.

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