Pen and inkwell Crown

Materials: Feather / White Bronze / Wood / Glass
Ink: Calligraphic Black, 30 ml
Feather Size: Length 26 cm
Pack size 34.5 x 14.5 x 7
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy



Pen and inkwell Crown, a writing set with quill pen, accompanied by calligraphy nib and inkwell with Hamburg ink.

A wooden pen rest with bronze friezes and parchment that tells us the fascinating history of writing.

Pen and inkwell Crown, quill pen with bronze handle designed by art masters inspired by the jewels of the French monarchy and the chateau of Versailles.

The Fleur-de-lys element, contained in the royal crown has since the Middle Ages become the emblem of royalty and is one of the best-known heraldic figures in France.

The Corona pen was made completely by hand by our craftsmen. Lost-wax cast bronze chiseled by hand like a real jewel.

The calligraphy set is sold in an elegant gift box with inkwell containing calligraphy ink.

Pen with chiseled bronze handle and an elegant bronze inkwell, the ideal quill pen for handwriting beautiful calligraphy.

Pen and inkwell Crown

Elegance and originality for this completely handmade writing set. A perfect set for an important gift or a wonderful occasion.

The scroll telling the story of calligraphy completes this calligraphy set intimately connected to the place from which it comes and its traditions.

The calligraphy feather quill pen was made in Venice by Bortoletti art masters, suitable for all those who love to write beautiful calligraphy by hand.

Elegance and exclusivity for calligraphy set with goose feather that will represent you on your desk.

The inkwell contains Bortoletti-Hamburg calligraphy ink, high-quality ink for all professional writing and calligraphy needs.

An inkwell, a goose feather and a hodgepodge of colors traced on paper, this is the magic of writing, the insurmountable force that has dragged man toward evolution.

And so even today we can enjoy the adventures of pioneer seafarers, where the ocean wind blew tenaciously on the quill.

Unstoppable and purposeful evolution is traveling in a definite direction, which will lead us to complete compliance with the laws governing the digital world.


Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 34 × 14,5 × 7 cm
Feather color

Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Bordeaux


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