Calligraphy Set SET20 Grimani


Materials: Murano glass / White bronze
Pen Size: Length 20 cm
Nibs: 3 Vintage
Ink: Calligraphic, 15ml
Package size 25.5 x 8 x 3
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Calligraphy Set SET20 Grimani is handmade in Murano glass with silver leaf work, three fully functioning vintage nibs complete the set.

The pen is handcrafted in silver leaf fused in glass by Bortoletti master craftsmen with Venetian style and elegance.

An ideal calligraphy set, thanks in part to the different vintage nibs, for practicing the art of calligraphy.

The SET20 Grimani calligraphy pen is sold in an elegant gift box with gold hot-stamped logo.

An exclusive writing set complete with a 15 ml bottle of Hamburg calligraphy ink and three fine-pointed nibs.

The Pisani calligraphy pen is produced through lampworking by expert master glassmakers in the Bortoletti workshop.

The Pisani calligraphy pen is perfectly balanced, suitable for all those who like to write by hand in various calligraphic styles.

Calligraphy Set SET20 Grimani

Before using the Grimani pen, it is essential to learn the rules of the style you want to use, apply them, and become familiar with the calligraphy tools.

Here are the highlights: we can divide nibs into three categories based on their specific use.

The fine-pointed nib is suitable for English calligraphy. The particular feature of this nib is the flexibility given by the shape and slit.

This allows with the variation of pressure on the paper in the downstroke to obtain the special characteristic of light and dark visible especially in italics.

In the truncated nib, its main feature is the tip cut crosswise as was once used to cut the quill pen.

Different types of sizes are commercially available for use in various calligraphies, suitable for round, ancient Gothic, modern Gothic, and Italic writing.

When you first use the nib, you need to heat it with a small flame to burn off the protective varnish.