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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before place an order.

We accept this payment: Bank Tranfer, Paypal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay

There is a minimum order of:
– 40 euros for Italy
– 80 euros for Europe
– 160 euros for the United Kingdom
– 120 euros for the United States and Canada
– 140 euros for the other areas

Upon receipt of the order you will receive an email with the tracking number so that you can check the shipment at any time.

Usually the delivery time

in Italy is 2/3 days,

in Europe 3/5 days

in the rest of the world from 4 to 8 days;

As soon as your order is received your product will be packaged according to your preferences.

This usually happens on the same day or the day after your order. It is then entrusted to the express courier chosen for delivery, which will deliver it to your address.

in Europe 3/5 days

in the rest of the world from 4 to 8 days;

For all orders shipped to Italy will be issued a tax receipt that will accompany the goods.

If you have requested the issue of an invoice this will be issued and will be the document accompanying the goods.

If the shipment will be outside the European Community, an invoice will be issued for export; the costs for possible customs clearance will be requested directly by the courier.

  • The consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without penalty and without having to give a reason, within 14 days, using the form as per Annex I, Part B of the Legislative Decree 206/2005 


Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl
Via delle Industrie, 24
30020 Marcon (VE) – ITALY
EMAIL: info@bortoletti.com
PHONE: +39 041 4567140

With this request I / we (*) notify / notify (*) the withdrawal from our (*) contract for the sale of goods (*)
– Ordered on (*) / received on (*)
– Name of consumer (s)
– Address of the consumer (s)
– Signature of consumer (s) (only if this form is sent in the paper version)
– Data

(*) Delete the unused wording.

or submitting any other unequivocal statement of its decision to withdraw from the contract to be sent by law to the headquarters of Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl. Such a declaration must contain the customer’s bank details to issue the refund when the order has been paid via Bank Transfer.

  • The withdrawal period expires after fourteen days from the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer acquires physical possession of the goods or, in the case of multiple goods ordered by the consumer by an unique order and delivered separately, the day on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer acquires physical possession of the last good; or, finally, in the case of delivery of a good consisting of multiple lots or pieces, the day on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer acquires physical possession of the last lot or piece;
  • The notice of withdrawal can be sent also by telegram, e-mail and fax and is understood as being sent in good time if delivered to the accepting post office within the above-mentioned term.
  • The right of withdrawal is excluded in relation to the supply of goods tailor-made to specifications or clearly customized (art. 59/c Legislative Decree No.206/2005);
  • In the event of withdrawal from this contract, all payments that the consumer has made in favor of Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl will be repaid, excluding the cost of delivery, without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the day when Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl was informed of the customer’s decision to withdraw from the contract, provided that the goods purchased have already been returned intact. These refunds will be made using the same means of payment used by the customer for the initial transaction.
  • The buyer must return the product purchased taking on him/her the shipping costs and the refund will be suspended until receipt of the goods or until the demonstration given by the consumer of having sent back the same.
  • Following the receipt of the goods intact Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl  shall return to the buyer the price of the product, unless it has been forced to incur expenses attributable to the buyer, in which case the Company will be entitled to retain all or part of the price of the goods as compensation for damages.
  • The integrity of the goods to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the right to withdraw.
  • Until the declaration of receipt in our warehouse, the shipment is under the customer’s complete responsibility. If the goods are damaged during transport, Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl will inform the customer (within 5 working days of receipt of goods in its own warehouses), to allow him/her to file a timely complaint against the carrier of his/her choice and to obtain reimbursement of the value of the good (if insured); in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return, while cancelling the request for withdrawal.
  • If the right of withdrawal is not exercised in the agreed manner, it is pointed out that orders placed by the purchaser are binding, and in case of goods already forwarded and refused from the courier or non-delivery directly due to the customer, an invoice or receipt will be issued for the entire cost of the shipment as well as the cost of return to the sender, which will be charged to the consumer.
  • In the event that the withdrawal provided by law is not done as specified, the rules will apply of Article 1453 and following of the Italian Civil Code which involve the buyer’s obligation to the payment of the agreed price for the supplied goods, unless the right to withdraw from the contract, as well as in any case the reimbursement of damages suffered by Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl.

The parties agree that the guarantee is limited to 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that the complaint of lack of conformity has taken place in writing within 60 days of discovery of it and the goods have been returned to the seller for inspection. Eventually, in case of non-compliance, the buyer will have the right to have the conformity restored free of charge by repair or replacement of the good, or, if that is not possible, to a reduction of the purchase price or to termination of the contract.

The purchaser immediately loses the warranty coverage for the goods if, without the prior written permission of Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl, he/she has operated on them directly and/ or requested third parties for assembly and/or disassembly and/or replacement of parts.

The warranty provided for defects is ineffective when:

the attached documents proving the purchase at Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl appear altered or illegible; the request will be processed only if the product will be returned with invoice or receipt and order confirmation form;

the product has been repaired or modified by unauthorized personnel, before Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica srl was able to proceed with the technical check;

the result of the technical check reveals that the defect of the product comes from negligence or careless use;

whenever the fault is not found to be due to production, manufacturing or packaging defects.

Obviously here;

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica believes that a responsible use of online sales is the future of commerce and has developed this ecommerce to offer its products at the best price without intermediaries.

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica don’t sell our creation on Amazon. 

The Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica creations can be purchased exclusively through this e-commerce or through our resale network, in the best stationeries and gift items. Send an email to info@bortoletti.com to find the nearest point of sale!

There is a program for sale as a wholesaler, ask for more information