Symbol Religious Dharma For Wax Seal Stamp

Symbol Religious Dharma For Wax Seal Stamp

Seal Replacement Symbols Religious, adaptable to all our seals.

22mm diameter.


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Dimension: Diameter 22 mm

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


It is said that the Buddha was reluctant to accept his images, because he did not want to be worshipped.
The first artistic representations symbolising the Buddha depicted an eight-spoked Wheel.
The wheel is a reference to the story that, shortly after the Buddha attained enlightenment, Brahma descended from heaven to ask him to teach, offering him a Dharmachakra.
The Buddha is known as the one who spins the wheel: the one who sets a new cycle of teachings in motion and thus changes the course of destiny.
The Dharmachakra has eight spokes, a symbol of the Noble Eightfold Path (Way of wisdom: 1 Right View, 2 Right Resolve; Way of morality: 3 Right Speech, 4 Right Action, 5 Right Livelihood; Way of mental discipline (or Buddhist meditation): 6 Right Effort, 7 Right Mindfulness, 8 Right Concentration).
The three segments in the middle represent the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings) and the Sangha (the spiritual community).

The wheel can also be divided into three parts, each of which represents an aspect of Buddhist practice: the hub (discipline), the spokes (wisdom), and the circle (concentration).

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