Symbol Religious Ankh For Wax Seal Stamp

Symbol Religious Ankh For Wax Seal Stamp

Seal Replacement Symbols RELIGIOUS, adaptable to all our seals.

22mm diameter.


SKU wSIM003 Category


Dimension: Diameter 22 mm

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


The crux ansata, or Ankh, was of great importance in ancient Egypt, as a reminder of the gift of life and a symbol of immortality. The word ankh means “life”, “key of Isis” or “key of the great mysteries”, a term imbued with an undeniable magic power. It is significant that the Egyptian priests in some bas-reliefs are depicted in the act of giving life energy using the Ankh, granting immortality to the deceased. This is why the crux ansata has a such a compelling talismanic value. The upper loop, circular or oval in shape, can be compared to the ouroboros (snake biting its tail = eternal cycles of life). The T-shaped cross, however, represents the condition of death (the trance state in which the elect find themselves before arriving at the Great Mysteries).

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