Calligraphy ink Cagliostro

Calligraphy ink Bortoletti – Hamburg Cagliostro black 30 ml


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Materials: Glass
Dimensions: 5,2×4,2× cm
Ink: Calligraphic Ink, 30ml

Packaging: Individually packed in its inkwell box.
Dimensions: 6x6x6cm
Weight 140,00 gr


Cagliostro black, calligraphy ink is reminiscent of Alchemy and Magic, so intense that it revives the magical, mysterious and alchemical atmospheres of Cagliostro: one of the most enigmatic men in history. The care in the choice of raw materials and the attention during all the production phases have made it possible to obtain a high quality ink capable of satisfying the most demanding calligrapher. The glass bottle with the screw cap has an excellent seal; the mouth is rather wide and makes it possible for you to dip the oblique penholder without getting it dirty. Hamburg inks are high quality calligraphy inks; the color remains very intense even when the ink has dried.

Calligraphy ink Bortoletti – Hamburg Cagliostro black

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