Bookmark with Venetian Murrina

Elegant bookmark for your pleasant breaks of reading. For those people who love style and Venetian elegance. Decorated with bronze chiseled and Murrina. The old-fashioned design and care of the forms speak for themselves. Let your eyes be the judge.


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MaterialsPolycarbonate/ Bronze / Murano Glass Murrina
Dimension Bookmark: Length 19,5 cm
Packaging: Gift box
Length: 26 cm
Width: 8 cm
Weight: 150 gr
Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


The name “Millefiori” (thin glass polychrome canes) comes from the various geometrical and floral patterns present in the center of the same. The “Millefiore“, which are often identified with the “Murrina” itself, are small objects enchantingly manufactured that still represent a mystery for many people due to their fine decorations. For this reason “Gli Ori di Venezia” thought of the idea of offering, to those who desire to approach these small jewels for the first time, a brief story and some fundamental moments of the long and complex manufacturing of the “Murrine“. The use of the glass rods goes back to the Phoenician and Alexandrian Age. It can be found in the vases and bowls from the Antique Roman Period. In the XVI Century this technique came back to rise to become art-work thanks to the Murano glass Masters in the beginning of the XIX Century. Decorate policarbonate for this elegant bookmark.  Authentic Venetian glass artwork.

Venetian Murrina

thin glass polychrome canes with various geometrical and floral patterns.

Plexiglas and Bronze an original combination.

Sumptuous handmade page marker for when you take a break from reading, the perfect item for all those who love authentic Italian craft and style. Made from hand-chiselled white bronze, with a Murano glass bead insert. Cameo-glass decorations featuring a cherub made from Murano glass. Perfect for all occasions, as an original gift or maybe a graduation present in handcrafted Italian style. To brighten up pauses from reading and keep your page, a handmade bookmark with Venetian millefiori murrina.

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