Inkwells and Calligraphy ink

Venetian Artistic Foundry

Bronze inkwells and calligraphy ink. An important collection born from the collaboration of artisans and master jewelers. Decorative elements for your desks, your office or your home, where classic and modern find a meeting point.
Very stylish finely crafted white bronze creations, and like all Bortoletti products, they are unique handmade pieces. Choose your favorite inkwell to give a touch of class to your desk, authentic Venetian works of art, ideal for people who still want quality and tradition.
Bortoletti – Hamburg inks were born from the collaboration between the two historic Italian companies, drawing on traditional formulas and the contribution of esteemed calligraphers. The care in the choice of raw materials and the attention during all the production phases have made it possible to obtain a high quality ink capable of satisfying the most demanding calligrapher.