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New Travel Leather Journal

How much we like to travel? New places and experiences, different cultures, details that will remain etched in the memory and in our cultural background. Whether alone or with someone else, the memories of a trip will accompany us throughout our life and each of us will remember it in a subjective way.

The best way to relive all these moments and not to forget even one is the travel journal, a place to write down memories and emotions that have caught us and that we want to remain etched in our personal history.

Writing about a trip not only help to keep the memory of an experience alive but also to mark a starting point for reliving it, a new “map road” to project the past into the future.

Our travel journal proposal is totally handmade with genuine leather cover and interchangeable internal notebook in acid-free ivory paper, available with or without lines. The decorations are in white bronze.

Find out more about our “travel journal” product, from today online on our website!


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