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New Leather Journal with Symbol of Gratitude

Have you ever stopped to think how much beauty there is in our life? Maybe we don’t see it every day, maybe we are busy with the commitments and efforts of daily life, but if we stop and dwell, a list of beautiful things could arise and for which we can be grateful. And in fact, gratitude is a feeling, an attitude of feeling and placing ourselves towards ourselves and others. It is a status, a way of being, especially of living interpersonal relationships. It is often necessary to compare ourselves to someone else to understand how lucky we are. Here, gratitude is that form of “thanksgiving” for what we have, for what we live, for what we are, it is a sort of ritual that should be practiced every day.

This theme fascinated us so much in March, during the lockdown, that we researched and worked to propose it also in our products. So is born our “Gratitude Journal” in which to write words, thoughts, resolutions for the achievement of happiness every day.

The journal is entirely handmade in laboratory by our artisans. The selected material is a high quality Made in Italy leather, the buckle is in white bronze and represents the corolla of a dahlia. We were inspired by it because in the language of flowers the dahlia symbolizes gratitude, giving it is expressed to those who receive it affection and strong empathy.

All the details and the finishes are of refinement and are the result of research and balance between tradition and innovation.

The project was conceived with an elegant game of geometric balances in Atelier A70 in Venice – Mestre.

Our Diary of Gratitude wants to be an invitation to happiness: it doesn’t take much to change our day in better!


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