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Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica


Bortoletti Fonderia artistica

Important collection of bronze, murano glass and wooden calligraphy objects produced exclusively in our workshop. Finely crafted inkwell pens and pen holders, and like all Bortoletti creations, are unique pieces. Calligraphy is considered an art that shapes signs in an expressive and harmonious way; today, doing calligraphy means putting the focus on the rules of beauty and harmoniousness that govern the shape of letters. By integrating with modern habits, they restore to you the pleasure of gestures that have belonged to humans for millennia.

A functional and elegant line of Bortoletti desk products, useful items that become valuable pieces of furniture. Letter openers and magnifiers designed by Venetian Art Masters, handcrafted in foundry using the lost-wax casting technique and finally chiseled by hand. Assembled with Murano glass beads handmade by our master glassmakers combined with bronze casting.

Collection of highly customizable wax seals. All seals have interchangeable symbols and letters in different fonts to seal important letters, suitable for any occasion. In addition to the matrix, you can also choose the color of the sealing wax, which is produced in our workshop in twenty three different colors. To melt the sealing wax, we devised an alcohol stove with a bronze stopper.

To meet your every need, we have created a line of genuine vegetable-tanned leather diaries. A personal journal is an ideal place to keep your writings and emotions. For vintage lovers, a medieval-style cover. The workmanship of the friezes and leather, and the special buckle closure, recall the appearance of ancient medieval manuscripts.