TAG 03 Canal
TAG 03 Canal
TL 03

TAG 03 Canal

letter opener with murrina, a timeless classic of Venetian art, applied to worked bronze. A useful item that becomes a decorative addition to your desk, especially suitable for a female audience.

Materials: White Bronze / Venetian Murrina
Flake: cotton
Letter Opener Dimensions: Length 21 cm
Package size 25.5 x 8 x 3
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Item description

Canal murrina letter opener, white bronze and precious Venetian murrina set. The manual chiseling of bronze and the strong hues of murrina give life to this unique and exclusive piece of jewelry. A letter opener for those who enjoy Venetian style and elegance, especially suitable for a female audience. Murrina workmanship is unique, passed down through generations of master glassmakers. To arrive at the finished pendant there is an endless amount of processing, first the rod is created with the various designs, then it is cut into small pieces and composed a design with different murrines and remelted in the kiln, finally ground and polished to be mounted on the various objects