Calligraphy set SET51 Steno

Materials: Beech Wood/ White Bronze/ Glass
Pen Size: Length 21 cm
Nibs: 3 Vintage
Inkwell: 40ml capacity, made of glass
Pen holder: Horizontal in chiseled bronze
Pad: Made of Mahogany wood with interchangeable blotting paper
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 9
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

SET51 Steno calligraphy set a calligraphy set with wooden calligraphy pen and inkwell with calligraphy ink accompanied with bronze cap, pen holder and signature dryer.

The Steno calligraphy set is made entirely by hand in Bortoletti’s workshop by skilled artisans.

As a decorative item or for writing important words, this unique writing set has a beautiful inkwell with an ornate cap.

Simple and elegant writing set with wooden calligraphy pen and signature dryer with bronze knob for paper replacement.

The reproduction of this antique wooden pad lends elegance and character to the product. An important desk accessory.

The calligraphy set is completely handmade in our workshop. As a piece of furniture or for practicing fine-pointed calligraphy.

Bronze inkwell as a piece of furniture for your office desk or for your home, where classic and modern find a meeting point.

Calligraphy set SET51 Steno

Knowing the characteristics of nibs is of paramount importance for practicing calligraphy in various styles.

The shape of calligraphy nibs derives from the way quill pens were anciently worked.

Two cuts still characterize its structure today, a vertical one to allow for ink reserve and a horizontal one that determines the shape of the tip.

The squaring of the calligraphic nib is of paramount importance because it is what gives very different characteristics to the writing strokes.

Truncated-tip calligraphy nibs are used for many types of writing particularly Gothic calligraphy.

Flexible-tip calligraphy nibs are used especially for English writing and depending on the pressure you apply to the nib the wider the stroke.

When first used, the calligraphy nib needs to be heated with a flame to remove the protective varnish.

Handwriting is considered a true art form.