SET 27 Fenice
SET 27 Fenice
SET 27 Fenice
SET 27 Fenice

SET 27 Fenice

Oblique Murano glass pen with silver leaf and bronze nib holder for modern calligraphy and Copperplate. The nib holder is perfectly angled to allow proper use of the fine-point nib. Hamburg ink bottles 30 ml.


Materials: Murano glass and / White bronze
Calligraphic nibs: 3
Calligraphic ink: 30ml
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 5.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

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The Phoenix glass and white bronze oblique calligraphy pen is an indispensable tool for people who wish to achieve extreme angles such as Copperplate and Spencerian calligraphy. The oblique pen holder is an ideal tool for the calligrapher who wants to take it to the next level, using the oblique pen is much more convenient than using the straight one, the pen was designed and tested with the assistance of calligraphers who work with Bortoletti artistic foundry.
The side screw aids in the adjustment of the nib, which must be aligned with the center of the pen, laterally it is slightly tilted upward to help the opening of the nib teeth, increasing the pressure will widen leaving more ink to create the shadow of the light-dark, also the nib slides on the paper smoothly and both teeth will be in contact with the paper.
The Phoenix calligraphy pen is sold in an elegant, quality powder-colored cardboard box with gold logo.