Pen holder desk Marcello

Pen holder desk PPE02 Marcello


Materials: Wood / White Bronze
Pack size 8 x 8 x 9.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Pen holder PPE02 Marcello a refined and elegant pen holder that combines natural chiseled bronze into a single object,
is an important addition to complete your desk sets.

Accessory for all wooden and Murano glass pens. Pen holder Marcello a handcrafted object from the experience of generations of Venetian craftsmen. Decorative element for your home and office desk. The elegance of bronze appliqu├ęs, frame this useful pen holder.

Simple and original with wooden base and finely handcrafted bronze decorations for writing lovers.

When artisans and master jewelers collaborate, products of great style and value are born. Example of Bortoletti’s design Marcello desk pen holder with wooden base and bronze frame that gives stability to the inkwell.

Pen holder desk PPE02 Marcello