Quill Pen SET83 Vitruviano

Materials: Goose Feather / White Bronze
Feather Size: Approx. 20 cm in length
Nib: 1 Vintage
Ink: Calligraphic, 15ml
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 3.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

SET83 Vitruvian Goose Pen is a writing set with calligraphy pen and 15 mlHamburg calligraphy ink bottle.

A goose calligraphy pen writing set dedicated to the Vitruvian man is a symbol of Renaissance art.

The graphic representation of the proportions of the human body was made by the great genius Leonardo da Vinci.

The Vitruvian Quill is made completely by experienced Bortoletti artisans, the handle is hand-chiseled white bronze.

The pen is the brainchild of Bortoletti art masters on paper and is dedicated to the artistic genius Leonardo da Vinci.

From the careful selection of symbols from collective memory and their encounter with the present, historical and modern design come together to create this set.

Quill Pen SET83 Vitruviano

All details, details, and finishes result in great refinement and are the result of research and balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

A pen suitable for children who want to learn the art of calligraphy, made of white bronze, intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions

The Vitruvian pen is packaged in an elegant, quality powder-colored cardboard box with gold logo.

The ink bottle is glass with a screw cap, has a very good seal, and the mouth is wide enough for easy dipping of the pen.

Care in the selection of raw materials, attention during all stages of production, have resulted in high quality ink.

Bortoletti-Hamburg inks are high-quality calligraphy inks; the coloration remains very intense even when the ink has dried.

Elegant and simply styled gift idea consisting of vintage nib, ink bottle and two nib reserves. Ideal for writing down your thoughts in style.

Calligraphy is the art of forming characters of a script clearly and elegantly, while characters are signs executed with their own rules and take different names.

The alphabet is the set of letters of a given language arranged in a conventional way.