Seal pen SET70 Todaro SET70 Todaro

Materials: White Bronze, Wood, Ceralacca, Glass
Sealing wax: 13 cm / 20 seals
Seal Plates: Italic, Double Initial, Gothic, or Symbol Style
Seal size: 22mm diameter
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 9
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

SET70 Todaro pen and seal, inkwell pen and seal with sealing wax, the wooden calligraphic pen and inkwell with bronze calligraphic ink, were worked with ancient craft techniques. The simplicity of wood in this essential Todaro calligraphy set in elegant gift box.

The seal can be personalized with initials and symbols that are all interchangeable, wide choice of wax colors of the highest quality.

Wooden seal for sealing wax with calligraphy pen and elegant inkwell. Easily interchangeable initials and symbols.

Customizable with interchangeable initials and symbols, wooden pen, and an elegant bronze inkwell with its distinctive pen holder for your desk.

The Todaro wax seal with wooden handle is one of the flagships of the Bortoletti collection.

For sealing letters or practicing calligraphy in its various forms, a wooden pen set with an inkwell that doubles as a pen holder.

Seal pen SET70 Todaro SET70 Todaro

The wax seal is your signature, it is your initials, or it is the initials of two people joined in the same seal.

Old-world elegance in the inkwell with its characteristic pen rest in moments of pause.

SET70 calligraphy set has a seal wax bar available in twenty-four colors and the various solutions of interchangeable initials and symbols.

The calligraphy pen has a fine-pointed nib; to learn more about nibs, we divide them into three categories according to their specific use.

We start with the fine-pointed nib for basic writing.

The particular feature of this nib is the flexibility given by the shape and slit.

This allows with the variation of pressure on the paper in the downstroke to obtain the particular characteristic of light and dark especially in English cursive.

In the truncated nib, the characteristic feature of this nib is the tip cut crosswise as used to cut the quill.

Various sizes are found commercially and are used for calligraphy such as round script, ancient Gothic, and modern.