Seal pen SET70 Todaro SET71 Sospiri

Calligraphy set Sighs handwritten letters, a pleasure not to be missed. Writing set consisting of bronze inkwell with a precious cameo on the cap, a wooden calligraphy pen accompanied by a seal.

Materials: White Bronze, Wood, Ceralacca, Glass
Sealing wax: 13 cm / 20 seals
Seal Plates: Italic, Double Initial, Gothic, or Symbol Style
Seal size: 22mm diameter
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 9
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Pen and seal SET71 Sospiri with calligraphy pen, inkwell and wooden seal. Initials and symbols can be changed in the seal.

An elegant bronze inkwell with its distinctive pen holder to decorate your desk.

The Sospiri calligraphy set has a seal handle and wooden pen, and is one of the flagships of the Bortoletti collection.

The distinctive inkwell has and cap decorated with wonderful glass paste also serves as a pen holder.

Suitable for sealing invitations and practicing calligraphy in its various forms. In the wax seal, it is possible to change the initials in the various fonts.

Old-world elegance in the inkwell with its useful pen rest in moments of pause.

You can choose from twenty-four wax colors and various solutions of interchangeable initials and symbols.

Seal pen SET70 Todaro SET71 Sospiri

The inkwell is decorated with a precious glass paste worked exclusively by hand by our artisans using ancient Venetian craft techniques.

The simplicity of wood in pen and seal in this essential wax seal set, in elegant gift box,

you can customize the set with interchangeable initials and symbols.

To know calligraphy tools and basic rules well, it is essential to know the main calligraphy terms.

Writing is the action of writing and fixing thought in visual form through the use of graphic signs.

Calligraphy is the art of forming characters of a script clearly and elegantly, while characters are signs executed with their own rules and take different names.

The alphabet is the set of letters of a given language arranged in a conventional way.

The writing body is the distance of the two parallel horizontal lines that determines the height of the middle letters.

Simple rods are those straight rods that have the perfect full and are divided into ascending and descending rods.

The calligraphic degree is the unit of measurement chosen to proportion the letters of a writing and corresponds to the greatest coarseness of a rod drawn with a nib.