Pen and inkwell

Materials: Beech Wood, / White Bronze, Glass
Pen Size: Length 21 cm
Nibs: 1 Vintage
Inkwell: Glass, with 30ml calligraphic ink, Black
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 9
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Quill and inkwell SET45 Pietro with wooden calligraphy pen, bronze inkwell and bronze pen holder, suitable for practicing calligraphy.

The Pietro calligraphy set is a small masterpiece of design, with a wooden calligraphy pen, and an inkwell with bronze screw cap calligraphy ink.

Pen holder is made of beech wood with bronze decorations, a perfect set also as a piece of furniture for the desk.

An important bronze inkwell as a piece of furniture for your office desk or for your home, where classic and modern find a meeting point.

Black Cagliostro calligraphic ink, reminiscent of Alchemy and Magic, so intense that it brings to life the magical, mysterious and alchemical atmosphere of Cagliostro.

Simple and elegant writing set with wooden calligraphy pen perfect for mamo writing fine point calligraphies.

All details, details, and finishes result in great refinement and are the result of research and balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

The project was designed with an elegant interplay of geometric balances in Atelier A70 in Venice-Mestre.

Pen and inkwell

To be familiar with calligraphy tools and basic rules, it is essential to know the main calligraphy terms.

Writing is the action of writing and fixing thought in visual form through the use of graphic signs.

Calligraphy is the art of forming characters of a script clearly and elegantly, while characters are signs executed with their own rules and take different names.

The alphabet is the set of letters of a given language arranged in a conventional way.

The writing body is the distance of the two parallel horizontal lines that determines the height of the middle letters.

Simple rods are those straight rods that have the perfect full and are divided into ascending and descending rods.

The calligraphic degree is the unit of measurement chosen to proportion the letters of a writing and corresponds to the greatest coarseness of a rod drawn with a nib.