Glass nib
Glass nib
Glass nib
Glass nib

Glass nibs PEN002

Material: Murano glass
Dimensions: Length about 2.5 cm
Packaging: Individually bagged
Adaptable to all glass, wood and feather pens

Fully functional PEN002 murano glass nibs, compatible with all our pens. Perfect for cursive writing and drawing, it can hold a large amount of calligraphic ink.

Murano Glass Nib This Murano glass nib is specially designed to be easily replaced with the classic metal nib.

Simply insert it into the pen holder clip to give your writing instrument an extremely original touch.

The murano glass nib is made entirely by hand, perfect for writing and drawing.
The Murano glass nib was produced in glass as early as the 18th century in Venice.

On the island of Murano, they created true works of art, which were also popular at the time in the United States.

So it was through a careful and studied passion for detail that this wonderful writing object was born.
With the same craftsmanship and skill this nib is still produced in our workshops today.

It is machined from a metal mold to give it the characteristic twisted grooves that allow it to slide quickly across the paper and hold a considerable amount of ink.

Also perfect for left-handed people, it is suitable for any type of ink and can be easily cleaned with water after each use.

Glass nibs PEN002