Letter opener and magnifying glass TL01 Dandolo

Materials: / White Bronze / Optical Crystal / Glass paste
Magnifier: 45mm lens diameter
Lens Size: Length 13 cm
Letter Opener Dimensions: Length 21 cm
Pack size 24.5 x 12.5 x 5.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy

Dandolo TL01 letter opener and magnifier, a desk set complete with letter opener and magnifying glass in white bronze with handcrafted Venetian glass paste.

The Dandalo desk set has a precious and Venetian glass paste set in bronze with a unique design.

The hand chiseling of the bronze and the beauty of the cameo depicting the head of Medusa create this unique and exclusive desk set.

Classy Italian craftsmanship in this set with letter opener and magnifying glass, a tasteful and fine desk accessory made in italy.

Exclusive letter opener and magnifying glass with glass paste cameo in Murano glass.

Letter opener and magnifying glass TL01 Dandolo

The working of Pasta vitrea is unique and has been handed down through generations of Murano master glassmakers.

Desk set, an important gift idea, useful items that here become a tasteful and valuable piece of furniture.

Bortoletti’s desk accessories have a unique, old-fashioned design, the care of the shapes speak for themselves.

A furnishing accessory for those who love Venetian style and elegance.

A desk set complete with letter opener and lens suitable for an upscale audience.

In the Tagliacarte and Lens Dandalo, the processing of glass paste is done manually by skilled artisans in the Bortoletti workshop.

The earliest finds of glass paste appear to date back to the fourth millennium B.C.

They occur almost totally without transparency the characteristic that will later make the fortune of this material.

In fact, the glass of the ancients was called ‘vitrine,’ a substance composed of the same basic elements, but with an opaque appearance, almost always colored.

The glass paste appliqu├ęs that decorate Bortoletti’s objects are produced in our workshop, and take up the images of ancient neoclassical Cameos.

Each cameo product is a unique specimen, the result of Bortoletti and his master jewelers’ continuous research in the field of design.