Pen holder desk PPE03/A Goldoni

Materials: Wood / White Bronze
Package size 7 x 7 x 7
Packaging: Gift box
Certificate of guarantee made in Italy


Desk pen holder PPE03/A Goldoni, the simplicity of the decorations is combined with the expressive strength of the materials.

An important pen holder intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions, produced exclusively by hand in Venice.

Wood and bronze blend elegantly, in this jewel with rounded shapes.

The distinctive bronze pattern elegantly decorates this uniquely designed pen holder.

Desk pen holder, designed and then created by hand with the art, passion and love of Bortoletti artisans.

A complement to the desk or a valuable and original gift

Goldoni pen holder combines natural wood base and hand-chiseled white bronze casting into one object.

A unique little gem of design and craftsmanship. Decorative element for home and office desk.

Pen holder desk PPE03/A Goldoni

The characteristics of a handmade product involve not only the workmanship but also the choice of materials used, which must be of the highest quality.

A solid beech wood pen holder with hand-chiseled white bronze friezes, elegantly decorating this uniquely designed jewel.

Wood and bronze merge elegantly together thus acquiring its ultimate form.

A jewel for the desk or as a precious and original gift intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions.

Elegant white bronze appliqu├ęs frame this useful handcrafted pen holder that is the result of the experience of generations of Venetian craftsmen.

Simple and original pen holder with wooden base and finely handcrafted bronze decorations for handwriting lovers.

All products are made from designs by master jewelers first made on paper, and are small masterpieces of Design.

From the pencils of our masters begins the creative process that takes the product from idea to realization where the pen holders were born.

The creative process is completely handcrafted using the lost-wax casting technique to make the bronze parts with a very high degree of finish