Extra-fine scented wax bar 13 cm long available in 22 color shades. About 15 seals are made with one bar, packs of 10.

Materials: Ceralacca
Dimensions: Length 13 cm/ 5.11 in
Weight: 30 gr.
Amount of seals achievable with one bar : About 15
Usage: Direct on flame with Spirits/Lighter

Item description

Extra quality wax bar marked Bortoletti. Because this sealing wax is produced according to an old recipe, it is not brittle while being easy to use. You can then send your envelopes safely anywhere in the world. About 15 seals can be made with this wax bar. It is individually wrapped and then packaged in boxes of ten. There is no need for a spoon to melt the wax, not even guns to melt the wax. You can simply use a long-necked kitchen lighter. Start by melting the wax directly on the envelope, gift, ribbon, bottle neck, or any object or material you need to seal. Tightness is guaranteed.